Hárlenging Tape-ins 50 cm Human hair

rapunzel of Sweden

  • 8.900 kr

Ótrúlega einföld og sniðug leið til þess að þykkja eða lengja hárið sem endist í 4-6 vikur í senn.


Hárið gæti tekið nokkra daga að berast ef það er ekki til á lager því það er sent frá sviðþjóð.


Finer strands of hair, simple attachment with an almost invisible result!

A method specially developed for you with thin hair – an extension that you easily attach and take out.

You need:

2-3 packets for hair thickening

4-6 packets for a complete extension.

6-10 packets if you have - or would like to have - really thick, voluminous hair.

  • The Quick & Easy-method allows you to quickly fasten your extensions with the help of tape.
  • Rapunzel’s Premium quality hair with its finer strands and less treated hair has a certain natural fall.
  • With Quick & Easy the pieces are cut and prepared and can easily be re-used. Real hair extensions are easy to style just as you desire.
  • The thin transparent attachments lie flat against your hair and are almost invisible to the eye.

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