CLIP-ON SET Premium (European) 7 pieces

rapunzel of Sweden

  • 29.900 kr

Sítt hár á 5 mínutum.  50cm (20inch).

Alvöru hár sem þú getur slétt,krullað og þvegið.

inniheldur 110gr skipt í 7 hluta.


This is included:

100 grams hair divided into 7 ready made parts with pre-attached clips (total weight: 110 g). The parts are specially designed to allow variation and are perfectly adapted to your hairdressing.

Product details:

1 part, 8" wide with 4 clips, 2 parts, 6" with 3 clips, 2 parts, 4" with 2 clips, och 2 parts 2" with one clip each.


Normally you need 1 set for a complete hair extension and 2 sets if you have very thick hair or wish to create a voluminous hair dressing.

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