Tape in premium (Evrópskt hár) 50cm


  • 8.900 kr

Ótrúlega sniðug og auðveld aðferð til þess að fá síðara eða þykkara hár.

Lengjurnar eru þunnar og sjást því lítið. 

Auðvelt er að taka þær úr og setja nýtt lím til þess að nota þær aftur





 50 cm (20"): 20 grams hair extensions divided into 8 pre-taped sections. Each section of hair is 4 cm wide and weighs 2,5 grams.

Finer strands of hair, simple attachment with an almost invisible result!

A method specially developed for you with thin hair – an extension that you easily attach and take out.

2-3 packets for hair thickening

4-6 packets for a complete extension.

6-10 packets if you have - or would like to have - really thick, voluminous hair.

  • The Quick & Easy-method allows you to quickly fasten your extensions with the help of tape.
  • Rapunzel’s Premium quality hair with its finer strands and less treated hair has a certain natural fall.
  • With Quick & Easy the pieces are cut and prepared and can easily be re-used. Real hair extensions are easy to style just as you desire.
  • The thin transparent attachments lie flat against your hair and are almost invisible to the eye.
  • This is how easy it is:
    1. How to: Wash your hair with Rapunzel Deep Cleansing shampoo before applying the hair extensions.
    2. Part the hair into various areas. Lift small amounts of hair and apply a pre-taped hair section under the hair close to the parting. Add a second tape hair section on the top of the parting and press together.
    3. If possible do not style or wash your hair for at least two days after application.
    4. When washing your hair avoid getting balsam on the tape sections.

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